stack-length : stack-length STACK

Return the number of elements in the stack.

stack-clear : (stack-clear STACK)

Remove all elements in the stack.

stack-empty : (stack-empty STACK

Check if stack is empty and return t if it is. Return nil otherwise. )

stack-last : (stack-last STACK)

Return the last element of the stack.

stack-pop : (stack-pop STACK)

Remove the first element from stack and return it.

stack-push : (stack-push STACK ELEMENT)

Insert element last into stack.

stack-copy : (stack-copy STACK)

Return a copy of the stack

stack-first : (stack-first STACK)

Return the first element of the stack.

stack-p : (stack-p STACK)

Check if STACK is a stack.

stack-nth : (stack-nth STACK INDEX)

Return the element of the stack at position INDEX.

stack-create : (stack-create)

Creates an empty stack